There are a lot of benefits to having an experienced Toastmaster at your wedding or indeed to any formal event so that the bride and groom or host can enjoy the occasion or function and leave the running and worries to someone else.


Weddings are a formal occasion and whatever the size, still need to be organised and kept on time.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and having a professional Toastmaster there will ensure that it will be a beautiful day for you and all of your friends and family.


An experienced Toastmaster will bring formality to any function and wearing the red tailcoat will also bring splendour and authority.


At a wedding reception, he will bring confidence and assurance to make sure you and your guests are comfortable and to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the day. He will discreetly carry out his duties and try to provide a calming influence on the bride and groom, the bridal party or to the guests at any function.


He will gently guide you through your wedding day ensuring the correct etiquette and protocol so that members of the bridal party are informed of their duties and are carried out correctly to save any embarrassment to themselves or guests.


In the past, Toastmasters have been known as older, starchy and unapproachable gentlemen that will only do as they have always done. With a new wave of younger Independent Toastmasters being trained, brides and hosts will be assured that their modern needs and quirky ideas can be discussed and performed, particularly in today’s modern life of second or themed weddings, when the bride and groom want something a little bit different.


Make sure you get what you want. Toastmastering can still be carried out with the same grace, discipline, kindness and flexibility to fit the modern wedding or function.


When you decide to choose and hire a Wedding Toastmaster, make sure that he has had the correct training and is qualified.  Also check out their testimonials to ensure they bring experience and confidence. Check that they have adequate public liability insurance which is required by most venues to allow them to work there.


A Toastmaster is also sometimes referred to as a Master of Ceremonies and both meaning the same as someone who introduces speakers to propose a toast and to manage any formal proceedings. He is also still often used in Royal and Military formal occasions.


Today, some wedding venues do provide a member of staff to make the odd announcement but you will find that this will be minimal and unauthoritive or as a duty rather than an honour.  Sometimes a member of the family or the best man will offer guidance or take on the role of the Toastmaster and help with proceedings but an experienced Toastmaster is worth his weight in gold.


A Toastmasters role, duty and responsibility are to ensure that the wedding or any function is kept to the time line and that things happen in the right order. He will work closely with the bridal party, venue staff and caterers to ensure that the celebration runs with a seamless and happy result.


He will introduce the guests to the hosts in a receiving line and then introduce the bride and groom into the wedding breakfast. During the breakfast he will ensure that the hosts and guests are well catered for and keep the guest book circulating.  Advise speakers of their duty’s and toasts and announce the cake cutting ceremony.


People management comes with experience too, moving people from one room to another and sometimes gently persuading people to do something they don’t really want to.


Generally he will take away responsibility and worries from the bride and groom or hosts so that they can spend more time enjoying the event rather than doing it themselves and keeping an eye on the clock. The wedding or function will fly past quickly and if it is run correctly and smoothly the host’s time can be saved for celebrating the perfect day.


Enjoy your dayit will pass quickly and remember, failing to prepare is like preparing to fail. 

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