Public speaking and delivering a speech


Public speaking is not as easy as it looks and if it is your first or second time at making a speech you may need some help and some ideas especially when your audience is your friends and family.

There are many key stages throughout any function or wedding and all are equally important and making a good speech is just one of them.

Let me guide your speakers through the easy steps of speech making from the etiquette to the final applause.

I would be more than happy to help with ideas, etiquette, tips, presentation and it has even been known for me to speak on behalf of absent friends and family.

Whatever I can do to help your function run as smooth as possible I will do.

Don’t let worrying about speeches ruin your day; let me do the worrying so that you can enjoy it to the full, as it will pass extremely quickly.

If I can spend a little time with someone who needs just that little extra help and encouragement, therefore making it more enjoyable for everyone, then I will.

I would be pleased to be used as a sounding board as this makes a huge difference from reading it to yourself, to when you read it out loud for a practice.

When a good speech is made, everyone feels good about it and the speaker will too as you will feel a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Let me help make your function or wedding one to remember.


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